Private Session:               

The best way to safely introduce Pilates and the fastest way to get results and to advance in the method.

$80.00 per session.

After five to ten private lessons, most clients are ready to progress into duets or group classes – maximizing the benefits of Pilates while enjoying the fun and inspiration of working with other people.

All sessions are approximately 55 minutes long and are by appointment only.


Open 7 DAYS

Semi-Private Mat & Tower Classes:

Only three people per session.  Great way to stay committed and effective for all levels.

$30.00 a person per person.

A key element to the effectiveness of Duets and Semi-Private Sessions is the commitment of the students to show up!  We gain inspiration by working in a group - and our accountability to one another adds to our mutual success!

Duet Sessions: 

Stay motivated by working with a friend.  Beginners must be injury-free and have good body awareness.

$50.00 a person per session.

  All instructors are certified in the Authentic Pilates Method.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  24-hour notice is required for all cancellations. Full price is charged if inadequate notice is given. This policy must be strictly enforced to ensure the livelihood of our instructors who are compensated on a per client basis. 

Duets & Semi-Private Sessions:    If your partner(s) give 24-hour cancellation notice, you have a choice of upgrading to a Duet or a Private session.  If you’re not interested in that, then that session will be cancelled. 

LATENESS POLICY: If you are more than 15 minutes late for your session and have not contacted the studio, you may lose your session and will be charged for the session. If you are late, your session will end on time, and you will be charged for the full session.

SCENTS AND SOUNDS: We ask that you abstain from using perfume or cologne to the studio and that you turn off your cell phone during your session/class.


All Equipment Classes:               

Three people per session. Clients make use of reformers, mats, and towers.

$35 a person per session.